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Want To Scale Your Financial Advising Practice with Predictable Growth And An Endless Flow of New Leads?
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What would your advising practice look like if….
  •  You've got to FINALLY eliminate the revenue roller coaster in your business and begin to have PREDICTABLE Revenue and Growth
  •   You can feel confident that your processes attract new clients AND deepen rapport with existing clients.
  •   You eliminate the feelings of ANXIETY, STRESS & being OVERWORKED 
  •   You have a clear plan created that allows you to market with more certainty instead of wasting money on marketing that doesn't work. 
  •   You have a clear process to GENERATE NEW LEADS and NURTURE your existing clients to produce an endless stream of new prospects and clients. 
***Limited Spots Available for 2019***
  •  You are a financial advisor who has more than 50 million in AUM 
  •  You would like more predictability in your practice
  •  Your firm is struggling to get noticed and attract clients
  •  You're ALWAYS feeling as though you’re the only one experiencing difficulty. You do not know how to effectively balance work and home life to avoid stress and burnout. 
  •  You struggle to do all the work, get new clients, create marketing strategies for your firm as you try to wear all hats in your business
  •  Would like to create systems and automations that increase the client experience and decrease the amount of time it takes to convert a prospect to a customer
  •  You're so focused on your firm that you barely have any time to do things you really love to do.
  •  You're losing focus, procrastinating and acting desperate.
  •  Your business is lost in the sea of similar businesses and people don't notice you. 
  •  You are constantly in a panic to make more money so you often lower your standards just to find someone willing to pay you. 
  •  You struggle to find great well paying clients. 
  •  You're too busy focusing on tasks instead of revenue generation. 
  • You're running most to all aspects of your business. 
  • You feel destined to always just be an EMPLOYEE of YOUR OWN COMPANY... 
  • You aren't running the business, the THE BUSINESS IS RUNNING YOU
Get Started In Just Three Simple Steps
Step 1
We only accept advisors who are serious about transforming their advising practice with proven strategies. 

***Space is Limited****
Step 2
Our call can last anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour.  On this call we will discuss what's holding you back and develop a solution to move you forward.  

Come prepared! 
Step 3
If our call goes well and you meet our qualifications, you may be invited to join the Ultimate Advisor Accelerator program to help you finally bring your business to the next level! 
Here's What Some of Our Clients Are Saying
" Draye, you're one of us! Thank you for what you did for me with Power of Broke. I wish I knew you when I wasn't on Shark Tank and needed some books to be sold. I appreciate you brother! "
Daymond John
Host of ABC's Shark Tank & Author of "The Power of Broke"
" I've known Draye for less than six months. In that time he’s made me at least $300,000 that I would not have made. He’s also held me to a much higher standard in my business than I’ve ever held myself. He’s a giver. If you want to know more of how Draye has changed my life, just google, “The Draye Redfern Effect.”"
Benjamin P. Hardy
Author of Willpower Doesn't Work
" Draye has a highly nuanced understanding of how to dramatically and quickly deepen relationships with clients. This enables him to give you advice and services that are highly effective but almost effortlessly easy to use."
Alex Epstein
Author of The New York Times Best Selling Book, The Moral Case for Fossil Fuels and Founder of the Center for Industrial Progress
" Draye has a way of finding incredibly simple methods of marketing in a business that can create some incredibly profound results and help entrepreneurs create radical momentum."
Alex Charfen
Alex Charfen, Creator of the Entrepreneur Personality Type and The Billionaire Code

    Want to Level Up Your Advising Practice?
And Why Is Draye The Right Person To Help You?
Draye is the founder of Redfern Media, a consulting and marketing agency that helps professional services providers to radically transform their marketing by creating high-touch automations that add personalization and humanization to marketing interactions.  

He is one of the most sought after direct-response marketers serving clientele that have included elite attorneys and financial advisors, New York Times best selling authors, Sharks from ABC's hit TV Show "Shark Tank" and many others. 

Draye and his unique methods have also been featured in: Forbes, Inc Magazine, AOL & Huffington Post. 
And Why Is Brittany The Right Person To Help You?
Brittany is the COO of Sweet Financial Services and has worked for Sweet Financial since November of 2008.  With more than 500 million in AUM, Brittany has been one of the driving forces that has allowed Sweet Financial to rapidly scale the practice to where it is today.  

Brittany’s goal is to teach advisors how to focus on providing personalized service and inspiring guidance.

Brittany is also the co-author of, Dare to Dream: Design the Retirement You Can’t Wait to Wake Up to! which focuses on helping people to align their dreams with their finances. Brittany is also the co-author alongside Bryan Sweet, of Imagine. Act. Inspire. A Daily Journal, which is designed to help people live a more positive, focused and fulfilled life.

The Ultimate Advisor Accelerator Comes  Complete With:
The Ultimate Lead Gen System Is Specifically Designed For Financial Advisors and Professional Service Providers Who Are Looking To Generate And Convert More Leads Through The Use Of Non-Traditional Marketing Methods That Create Intense Interest And Generate Massive Amounts Of Rapport Very Quickly.
This Section of The Program Is Perfect For Advisors Who:
  •  Have experience as an advisor
  •  Want to attract clients in unique methods
  • Create a one-of-a-kind differentiation from their competitors
  •  Recognize that their "traditional marketing" is not always enough
The Tangible Nurture Section of The Program Is Perfect For Advisors Who Are Looking For...
  •  Ways to Create Raving Fans of Your Business and Endless Reoccurring Revenue
  •  Better ways to nurture their clients AND employees to offer an even higher caliber of service. 
  •  Nurture campaign templates and sequences to help you automate your email marketing using a proven framework and step-by-step instructions. 
The Tangible Nurture Method Is The Preeminent System To Help You Nurture Your Existing Clients And Create Endless "Wow" Moments That Keep Them Coming Back Time And Time Again...
  •   Complete with over 28 videos, a 100+ page workbook, and additional resources
  •  Never seen before BONUS content from a private mastermind group that costs $25,000 per year to be a part of
Learn How You Can Build An A-Team Of Implementers, Build a Team Predictably and With Greater Ease, And How You Can Put These Practices Into Action Today!
The Second In Command Is Perfect For Advisors Who Are Serious About Scaling Their Practice And Comes With...
  •  Six Sections of Content to Help You Improve and Exponentially Grow Your Practice
  •  More than 30-Video Lessons that are Jam-Packed with Content and Resources
  •  Live Interviews with Other Financial Offices to Gain Insight on How They Run Their Practice.
  •  Compensation and Incentive Plans
  •  A Two Part Detoxifying Your Life Tools Pdf
  •  New Hire Checklist
  •  And Many More Benefits...
Three Months of Coaching & Accountability So That You Achieve Your Objectives & Radically Transform Your Advising Practice For The Better
  •  Set your firm up for success with coaching and accountability with Draye and Brittany
  •  You'll be able to learn from other advisors and shortcut the time it takes to achieve your goals
  •  Accountability so that you stay on track!
  •  Mentorship with seasoned veterans who have been through the same challenges you are experiencing. 
    Want to Level Up Your Advising Practice?
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