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  • ​You're losing focus, procrastinating and acting desperate.
  • ​Your business is lost in the sea of similar businesses and people don't notice you. 
  • ​You are constantly in a panic to make more money so you often lower your standards just to find someone willing to pay you. 
  • ​You struggle to find great well paying clients. 
  • ​You're too busy focusing on tasks instead of revenue generation. 
  • You're running most to all aspects of your business. 
  • You feel destined to always just be an EMPLOYEE of YOUR OWN COMPANY... 
  • You aren't running the business, the THE BUSINESS IS RUNNING YOU
Here's What Some of Our Clients Are Saying
" Draye, you're one of us! Thank you for what you did for me with Power of Broke. I wish I knew you when I wasn't on Shark Tank and needed some books to be sold. I appreciate you brother! "
Daymond John
Host of ABC's Shark Tank & Author of "The Power of Broke"
" I've known Draye for less than six months. In that time he’s made me at least $300,000 that I would not have made. He’s also held me to a much higher standard in my business than I’ve ever held myself. He’s a giver. If you want to know more of how Draye has changed my life, just google, “The Draye Redfern Effect.”"
Benjamin P. Hardy
Author of Willpower Doesn't Work
" Draye has a highly nuanced understanding of how to dramatically and quickly deepen relationships with clients. This enables him to give you advice and services that are highly effective but almost effortlessly easy to use."
Alex Epstein
Author of The New York Times Best Selling Book, The Moral Case for Fossil Fuels and Founder of the Center for Industrial Progress
" Draye has a way of finding incredibly simple methods of marketing in a business that can create some incredibly profound results and help entrepreneurs create radical momentum."
Alex Charfen
Alex Charfen, Creator of the Entrepreneur Personality Type and The Billionaire Code

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We only accept advisors who are serious about transforming their advising practice with proven strategies.

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Our call can last anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour.  On this call we will discuss what's holding you back and develop a solution to move you forward.  

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If our call goes well and you meet our qualifications, you may be invited to join the Ultimate Advisor Accelerator program to help you finally bring your business to the next level! 
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