A Private Mastermind For Elite Financial Advisors Who Want To 10x Their...

Income, Impact & Legacy

The Ultimate Advisor Mastermind was created to help financial advisors who are looking to create a bigger impact in their communities while geometrically increasing their revenue, and building a legacy to last for generations.


Our Founders Have Been Featured In:



We curate all the members to ensure they fit this criteria:

  • Production Requirements

    If you are an advisor with at least $500,000 in production and are looking to grow and scale your business by YOUR definition, then this is for you! 

  • Automation and Scalability

    ​If you want to grow your practice in a way that is automated, simple and focused, then this is for you!

  • A Focus On Implementation

    If you are tired of going to meetings, listening to podcasts and reading amazing books, all without implementing as much as you’d like, then this is for you! 

  • A Fiduciary Mindset

    This is a space made only for those that want to act in the best interest of their clients. We are not hard sellers and don't teach those tactics. We do collaborate on how to best serve!

  • People Who Are Bigger Thinkers

    If you want to surround yourself with some of the brightest minds in the business, then this is for you!

  • Givers Only

    ​If you are a natural giver who wants to offer their best ideas and commentary for the benefit of others, then this is for you!

In essence, The Ultimate Advisor Mastermind is for financial advisors who wants to grow into becoming the #1 trusted authority in their market, stand out from the competition, and make a massive impact on thier clients and the community as a whole. 

Life Rewards the Action Takers... Complete Your Application Today!


A mastermind is a collective gathering of individuals that share a common interest or passion who all seek to elevate each other through information, resources, connections & confidentiality. 


The Ultimate Advisor Mastermind is specifically focused on helping financial advisors radically improve their practices through...



Each meeting will curate some of the brightest minds in the financial advisor field. Everyone will also share what is working across the industry in order to help everyone achieve more success.



We actively encourage the networking and connection with our members.  We also ensure that everyone is included so that everyone benefits from the discussions and collective knowledge. 



Ideas are worthless without implementation.  Thats why we have group video calls monthly to ensure that everyone is continually making progress towards their objectives. & visions



Our members peel back the curtain and openly share confidential strategies that are not commonplace.  As a result, each mastermind member must sign an NDA.

In order to achieve your goals even faster... 


  • Three LIVE (2-Day) Meetings Annually For Every Member

    Three times a year, we will meet in different cities across the U.S. to learn from top speakers, and to crowdsource solutions for each other's businesses.  You'll find out what's working, whats NOT working and learn how you can continually shortcut the time it takes to achieve your goals.  

  • Access To The Entire Ultimate Advisor Platform ($5,000 Value)

    Each mastermind attendee will get access to the entire Ultimate Advisor Coaching platform.  The resources contained in the platform include marketing automation templates, team building strategies, checklists, strategy guides, and step-by-step templates to help you achieve more success inside of your practice.  

  • Two Live Coaching & Accountability Calls Monthly

    Each month you'll get access to live coaching calls for you to ask questions, get support,  solve your biggest issues and gain insight on your business growth, your team and your marketing.   This will allow you to implement everything you learn much faster and have a team of trusted advisors and mastermind members to rely on. 


From The Desk Of Bryan Sweet

Fairmont, MN


Dear Friend, 


We found an issue. 


This issue was not evident at first... but upon closer review, we realized that it impacts nearly every financial advisor across North America. 


This issue has been holding countless advisors back from truly achieving their goals in their business.   


This issue will keep most advisors from delivering a world-class level of service to their clients.


What is the issue?  


I'll get to that in just a second....


Over my last 40 years as a financial advisor, I have see what works... what doesn't work... and everything in between.  

In fact, during our Mastermind, we will be sharing with you the key actions that we used to bring in over $260M in new assets over the past two years.


I have also been privileged to be in the Top 1/2 of  1% of Raymond James advisors across the United States.  I have also been featured in numerous publications including Inc. Magazine's list of Fastest Growing Companies in the U.S. 


I don't tell you this to be boastful.  I simply want to convey the point that I know what works in a financial advising practice and I want to help you.  


Have you noticed that most advising offices hit production plateaus around 500k,  1.5MM and 3MM?


Have you noticed that nearly all financial advisor marketing looks and feels the same? 


Have you noticed that differentiation is the most talked about word for financial advisors, yet very few advisors actually differentiate themselves?


We found out why.  


The problem is actually systemic inside the entire financial industry and we refer to it as...


Innovation Stagnation. 


What is Innovation Stagnation?   


It can be broken down into two parts.


 #1  Most advisors focus on idea generation over implementation. 

This leads to half-baked ideas that never really end up moving the needle for an advising firm.  This also causes many advisors to consistently move from one idea to the next while only achieving mediocre results (if at all).



#2.  The Advisors Who Are Excelling Keep Their Cards Close To The Vest 


Let's be honest.   If you found the keys to a magical treasure chest of information that can produce the highest quality clients who have high net-worths, are appreciative for your services and refer you endless amounts of clients just like them....


Would you tell other advisors? 


Would you risk the competition finding out? 


Would you give up your competitive advantage? 


The answer for most advisors would be... Probably NOT!


It's understandable.   It's human nature. 


However, this means that the strategies that are the most effective are often the ones that are not openly talked about in advising communities, in events or at networking meetings. 


We've aimed to change that... 


The Ultimate Advisor Mastermind destroys the status quo by inviting Elite Financial Advisors to participate in round table discussions where no business topic is off limits and everyone openly shares their best strategies in an environment that fosters growth and is protected by NDAs.  


We then take that a step further by helping you actively implement your new ideas into your business so you can radically short-cut the time it takes to achieve results.  


But, theres a catch...


The Ultimate Advisor Mastermind is by INVITE ONLY and we're limited in the amount of new attendees that can attend. 


If you have received an invitation, please visit your Personal Invitation page. 


If you have not received an invitation, please complete our brief application by clicking on the orange button on this page and someone on our team will reach out to see if you would be a good-fit for the Ultimate Advisor Mastermind.   


To Your Health, Wealth & Happiness, 


-Bryan Sweet

Co-Founder of The Ultimate Advisor Mastermind 





Decades of Experience To Help Curate Your BIGGEST LEVEL UP in Business

Bryan Sweet - Sweet Financial - The Ultimate Advisor Mastermind - Financial Advisor Coach


Bryan is the founder of Sweet Financial and a Chairman's Council member of RJFS since 2003.   He has been featured as a Forbes, Best in State advisor for the state of Minnesota and was previously named to the Inc Magazine Top 500 list for fastest growing Private Companies.*


Bryan's Super Hero Ability is the ability to see the biggest picture possible and create the vision to execute upon the plan. 


Brittany is the Co-founder of Dare to Dream Enterprises and Director of Operations at Sweet Financial, RJFS.  Brittany is also the author of two books – Imagine. Act. Inspire. A Daily Journal and Dare to Dream: Design the Retirement You Can’t Wait to Wake Up To.   

Brittany's Super Hero Ability is the ability to Organize, Lead and Train Successful teams who are rapidly scaling their businesses.  

Brittany Anderson - The Ultimate Advisor Mastermind - Financial Advisor Coach
Draye Redfern - The Ultimate Advisor Mastermind - Financial Advisor Coach


Draye is the founder and Ambassador of Buzz of Redfern Media, a marketing and consulting agency that helps business owners redefine their traditional approach to marketing.   Draye is one of the most sought after direct-response marketers serving clientele that have included elite financial advisors, New York Times best selling authors, Sharks from ABC’s hit TV Show “Shark Tank” and many others. 



Draye's Super Hero Ability is the ability to make the complex, simple through the implementation of high-level marketing strategies.



Our goal is that the Ultimate Advisor Mastermind becomes the single greatest resource that you rely on in your Advising Practice.  As such, we painstakingly provide countless un-published resources, including: hands-on-help, custom marketing and design work, automated marketing funnels, team management resources and consulting & strategy sessions... AT NO ADDITIONAL COST!


It's so much more than just a meeting. It's a community... a family... a tribe... of financial advisors who are all striving for a competitive advantage and THIS IS IT!


As a result, we recognize that the Ultimate Advisor Mastermind is not for everyone.  


We have done our best to make this as easy of a decision as possible...


So what are you waiting for?  


Complete the Application.


We will then set up a phone call to discuss more about the group, answer any questions you may have and help you to get the most out of the mastermind. 

Our Next Meeting Is Just Around The Corner...


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